DTS Neural™ Surround UpMix (EN)

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Developed under license from DTS®, this plugin lets broadcast, post-production and mix engineers convert stereo audio to quad, 5.1 and 7.1 surround, as well as 5.1 to 7.1 surround, in cases where original source elements for standard upmixing are not available in the desired multichannel format.

Combining precision and creative flexibility, DTS Neural™ Surround UpMix provides comprehensive creative controls for soundfield width and depth, channel layout, output levels, LFE filtering and final limiting.


Television Broadcast When used in a stereo television master control room, DTS Neural Surround UpMix will render original stereo content into surround. The surround mix can then be encoded and combined with video for delivery of a complete HD broadcast.

Remote Broadcast The DTS Neural Surround UpMix plugin is an ideal software replacement for the legacy hardware components that many broadcast trucks currently use. This cost-effective software-based solution gives remote broadcast companies the freedom to upgrade to modern systems without losing the processing tools integral to their production workflow.

Internet Streaming and Television/Radio Production DTS Neural Surround UpMix enables production engineers to render stereo into surround content. The mix can then be streamed over the Internet or terrestrially broadcast.