Cobalt Saphira (EN)

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HARMONICS Cobalt Saphira is an advanced harmonics shaping tool for mixing and mastering that lets you add rich harmonics to your tracks in order to give them analog musicality, depth and „glue.“

A NEW LEVEL OF CONTROL Designed for highly trained ears, Cobalt Saphira gives you an unprecedented level of digital control over different aspects of the harmonics you are adding:

Edge and Warmth – for separately controlling and balancing even and odd harmonics
4-band EQ – for separately shaping the frequency spectrum of each type of harmonics
Harmonics modes – seven different modes, with graphical representation so you can see the changes in harmonic structure
Tape – five tape speeds for adding wow and flutter modulation in order to give your tracks extra musicality and depth

A NEW WAY TO GLUE YOUR TRACKS We often use the term “glue” when touting the benefits of compression. But the “glue” we hear from a good compressor is many times the result of added harmonics. Cobalt Saphira lets you directly control your harmonics without compression, helping to glue your tracks and turn them into a more musical, cohesive mix.

DEPTH: THE HOLY GRAIL Achieving balance and clarity in a mix is expected. Achieving real depth in a mix is where they single out the pros. Cobalt Saphira allows you to inject this sought-after quality into your mixes.

Excelling on groups and sub-mixes and in mastering situations, Cobalt Saphira gives you rich harmonic enhancement that can be creatively tailored exactly how you like it — a full palette of analog sound for you to pour all over your tracks.