VPX4 - graphic extender (EN)

VPX4 – graphic extender is a professional rack mount device, designed to connect up to four output monitors to one graphic port of your computer hardware at a time.

The VPX4 graphic extender is based on Datapath X4 and can flexibly display a standard Single or Dual-Link DVI input across four independent DVI or analog RGB outputs. Each output can be mirrored or rotated trough 90˚, 180˚ or 270˚ to support creative mixes. The output resolution and frame rate does not need to be related to the input signal and will optionally upscale and convert frame rate for each cropped region.


  • Supports full bezel width and height correction to all types of displays
  • Ideal for use with edge blending projectors – support image overlapping
  • Input EDID is programmable to allow arbitrary input resolutions and frame rates
  • Creative monitor arrangements, flexibly drives four displays, each from any region of the input image
  • Active equalization hardware for longer cable support up to 20m for full Dual-Link DVI

Technical Facts

  • Programming and firmware support via USB 2.0
  • DVI input and output connector on front panel
  • Power-, Input- and Status-LED
  • Input surface: up to 4k x 4k
  • Arbitrary up scaling 64× of the original surface area
  • Neutrik BNC connector for genlock sync (for future implementation)
  • Mains input current at full load: 115VAC/230VAC – 100mA – Neutrik PowerCon
  • Operating temperature range: 0°C to +35°C
  • 1 rack unit: 19“ wide/1.75“ high/9.75“ deep (483mm x 45mm x 250mm)

The VPX4 graphic extender is intended for both rental/road and installation purposes.