ASL Pro analogový interkom (EN)

The ASL Pro Series of Analog Intercom products offers comprehensive and highly flexible systems solutions for full duplex, party-line communications. The Pro Series can accommodate multiple channels, very large user station counts, and both wired and wireless user stations. Though extensive configurations are possible, all interconnections are based on standard balanced microphone cable (XLR-3 connectors), and installation requires no expert knowledge. Clear layout of controls makes operation essentially foolproof, even in under time pressures and in low light environments. Exceptional build quality and careful quality control assure reliable performance for many years.

Pro Series Features Features Summary Latching or momentary function on TALK buttons User stations with 1, 2, 4 or 6 channels Beltpacks available with either lightweight ABS or durable aluminum casings Separate CALL and TALK functions each with large LED indicators Unique visual and audible call system with volume trimmers Remote mic mute and audible call (buzzer) mute Accepts dynamic or electret microphones (phantom power standard) Headphone volume and dynamic range exceed industry norm Extended frequency response and proprietary frequency correction for high intelligibility Individual side tone and buzzer volume trimmers for each user station Auto resetting switch-mode power supplies Auxiliary program inputs Electronic switching Automatic headset detection Optional binaural headset operation on multi-channel stations DC input System Link Features Detail Headphone Amplifiers – High-quality, push-pull headphone amplifiers contribute to a system frequency response of 200 Hz to 15 kHz and a dynamic range of 80 dB. Output 1 W nominal @ 200 ohms. A proprietary frequency contouring circuit optimizes voice range reproduction to ensure exceptionally high intelligibility even in high ambient noise environments.

Headset Facilities – Both the master station and beltpack accept either dynamic or electret microphones as standard. Mic gain is adjustable internally for optimum results with any microphone. A headset detection circuit ensures the mic pre-amp is active only when a headset is connected.

Volume Controls – Volume controls enable the user to listen to each channel at any desired volume, and to balance levels among channels on multi-channel stations.

Optional Binaural Headset Connector – As an option, an XLR-6 headset connector can be fitted for use with binaural headsets. Internal jumpers allow setting of channel assignments to either or both headset can. On units with an AUX input, the intercom channel can be routed to the left can and the program channel to the right can.

Side Tone – Each user station includes a side tone trimmer for each channel to adjust level for the operator’s voice as heard through his or her own headset or loudspeaker.

Switch-mode Power Supplies – In case of short circuits, faulty wiring or excessive thermal conditions, the power supply will self-protect by reducing power output, eventually shutting down under prolonged extreme stress. Once the fault is corrected, the power supply automatically resets and restores normal operation.

TALK Function – TALK button with green LED indicator connects to all user stations and beltpacks on the indicated channel.

CALL Function – The combined audible and visual CALL alert adapts to both sound- and light-sensitive environments. An incoming our outgoing call signal is indicated by a large red LED. Depressing the CALL button for more than two seconds activates the internal BUZZER. Volume of the BUZZER can be trimmed or muted.

AUX INPUT – Power supplies and master stations offer a balanced auxiliary input normally used to carry the auditorium or on-air program audio. The line-level input has a “ground lift” switch.

MIC MUTE – An ALL MIC MUTE push button is provided on each Master Station and Power Supply, allowing the user to temporarily mute the microphones on all connected user stations. The PS 6379 Mk 2 also has separate MIC MUTE buttons for each channel. All mics are muted automatically during power-up on the Master Station or Power Supply.

BUZZER MUTE – A BUZZER MUTE push button on each Master Station and Power Supply allows the user to mute the buzzer on all connected user stations. The PS 6379 Mk 2 additionally has separate BUZZER MUTE push buttons for each channel.