Selecon Pacific 23°-50° Zoomspot


  • Beam angle range: 23°-50°.
  • Useful throw distances : 69ft-82ft.
  • Modular design: universal lamp house to which any one of twelve optical systems and six light sources can be fitted.
  • Your choice of popular mains voltage tungsten halogen light sources plus discharge light sources for high performance, long life requirements.


  • Easy lamp alignment from true peak to flat – using the Selecon central gear mechanism to smoothly adjust the lamp position achieves the beam distribution and even stage coverage you want without having to pay for diffusion frosts.
  • Integrated Dowser dimming accessory provides full range dimming of arc light sources.
  • Fast and simple to focus using the cool touch operational controls.
  • Lens tube with integral shutters rotates 360° allowing quick and precise setting of required shutter cuts.
  • Align the pattern image accurately using the adjustable pattern holder.


  • Active Heat Management System allows for the use of cost-effective DIY plastic image projection using overhead transparency film and selected light sources.
  • Two pattern (fixed and rotating combination) / effects mounting positions.
  • Base down lamp positioned axially in reflector optimizes the light collection for better light output.
  • The lamp socket and cabling are carefully positioned out of the heat exhaust which guarantees you a lower cost of ownership through reduced downtime and maintenance.


  • Automatic mains power disconnection when the lamp house is removed for lamping. No chance of mounting a lamp into a live socket.
  • Cooler operating controls (lens, focus knobs, lamp peak/flat adjustment, shutters) even after hours of continuous use provide a safer lighting tool for you.

Supplied with

  • 1× color frame, 1× fitted safety chain, 3ft mains cable, 1× suspension bolt set, 1× heat sink guard and short form instruction manual.
  • Three-year Warranty.