High End Systems DLHD (EN)

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The DLHD Digital Light is the first High Definition integrated moving digital light on the market. Once again High End Systems, the pioneers of digital lighting, have pushed the boundaries further and are taking digital lighting to the next level. This revolutionary fixture is integrated with an Axon HD media server that is loaded with a wealth of High Definition digital content. Coupled with a high output QuaDriveTM light engine, the DLHD delivers bright, crisp and beautiful images to fuel creativity.

DLHD offers the industry a tool which is limitless in it its application, totally flexible and utterly awe-inspiring!

Mounting like any other intelligent moving luminaire and controlled using standard DMX or Art-Net cabling and protocols, plug-and-play integration with other fixtures can be easily achieved.

Due to the powerful High Definition onboard media server, expensive video infrastructure, racks of equipment and long setup times are a thing of the past.

A Content Management Application running on your PC workstation or laptop computer gives you remote access to manage and upload content, upgrade software as well as configure multiple DLHD's on a fixture network.

High End Systems not only started the digital revolution, it also offers the widest digital lighting product mix of any manufacturer, priced and scaled for any budget and solution. The DLHD represents the fifth generation of digital lighting products from High End Systems Inc. and is the flag ship addition to the product line, which includes the Axon HD and HD Pro Media Servers.


  • 1920×1080 ‘Full HD’ Projection Engine
  • QuaDriveTM LCD for saturated color reproduction and increased brightness
  • DLHD software based on Windows 7 Embedded, DirectX 11 and FFMPEG
  • Pixel Accurate rendering and playback of content
  • Powerful Content Management and Configuration suite can remotely manage multiple DLHD fixtures
  • Supports importing and playback of custom content includingDMX512 and Art-Net support
  • Multi Codec Media Files
  • 3D Objects
  • Still Images
  • Remote software upgrade capability
  • High Definition Royalty-free stock digital art collectionHD (approx 260 files)
  • SDI capture with loop through
  • Including original DL.3 content (approx 1700 files)

Graphics Engine

  • Simultaneous playback of 10 discrete media streams on separate 2D/3D objects
  • Multiple object parameters give you graphic controls for each individual media stream including:
  • A choice of multiple play modes and play speeds
  • The ability to define any segment of a video loop including Scrub capability
  • Multiple color mixing and visual effects that can be combined any way you choose
  • Variable opacity to allow for crossfading or dissolves between media streams
  • Full control of image rotation, positioning and scaling on X,Y and Z axes
  • Visual modes that let you control brightness and contrast to optimize content
  • Live video input you can apply to 2D/3D objects
  • Multiple global parameters provide graphic controls to the composite image created by up to 10 media streams
  • Intensity overlays the opacity control to provide system-wide intensity level
  • Overall image color mixing applied to composite media stream image
  • Color effects including edge colors allow for combined image color mixing
  • Multiple mask selections with edge fading and strobe effects
  • Chroma Key effects to layer any content by keying on any color mix to make transparent
  • Edge fading for creating montages
  • Keystone correction on output projection
  • Digital shutters on output projection
  • Multiple modes for synchronizing all networked DLHD fixtures

Content Management Application (CMA)

  • Windows Compatible
  • Communicates with DHLD, Axon HD and Axon HD PRO over an Ethernet network
  • Uploads and manages custom digital content to DLHD fixtures
  • Configures DLHD fixtures with remote control of all menu commands

3D Image Warping Engine

  • 3D Geometry correction of the image
  • Independent of the graphics engine
  • Pre defined geometric canvasses and shapes
  • Ability to import user defined geometry
  • Store and recall up to 255 individual warp files


  • Motion parameters for mechanical fixture control include:
  • Mechanical iris adjustment to full black-out
  • 400-degree pan and 240-degree tilt movement
  • DMX control of projector zoom and focus
  • DMX control of vertical lens shift
  • Full color display and preview monitor/menu functions
  • Powered by an Intel Core i5–4670 3.40 GHz processor with a Radeon HD7750 Graphics Processor and 8GB of RAM
  • Solid State Hard Disk Drive (256GB)
  • Decklink HDSDI Capture Card
  • Gigabit Ethernet for fast content uploading and multiple fixture synchronization
  • Interchangeable lenses for any throw distance